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From dreamt to relegated: Speed in Bogotá and TransMilenio, 1996-2006 = De soñada a relegada: la velocidad en Bogotá y TransMilenio, 1996-2006
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Pardo, Carlos Felipe
Las Artes; Las Artes / Urbanismo y arte paisajístico
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Bogotá (Colombia)
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Bus rapid transit; Discourse analysis; Slowness; Speed; Sustainable transport; Time?space compression
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The dissertation develops an analysis of how speed (as a quotient of space and time) has been described as a positive attribute and an adequate solution to industrial development, cities' efficiency and, in general, citizens' well being, while time?space compression as an underlying process has been widely studied but rarely acknowledged in policy. It analyses the evolution of the discourse on speed from before Bogotá’s BRT system “TransMilenio” (in 1996) and until recently (in 2006) and how it may have influenced such discourse.
It questions the usefulness of speed and some transport interventions in Bogotá, and how other more structural measures may be taken to solve a city’s ills. The dissertation provides a conceptual framework on time, cities and time?space compression and speed, followed by a description of Bogotá and TransMilenio and results of the study. It ends with a discussion on the role of speed in Bogotá, the evolution of transport planning, and time?space compression and how it relates to the case in question. 
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