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Health for All: An Analysis on the Provisions of Health Services to Undocumented Immigrants in California under Medicaid Expansion
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Bedoya Becerra, Vanessa
Ciencias sociales; Ciencias sociales / Derecho
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California (Estados Unidos)
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Even though the main purpose of the Medicaid expansion is to allow for a broader health coverage for the population, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) leaves aside undocumented immigrants. This situation leads us to question how illegal individuals are dealing with diseases and health problems: Are State Legislators or Courts addressing this issue?
This paper focus on one particular branch, that is, the CA judicial branch, and focuses on trying to to provide an answer to the following questions : What is CA Court's role in interpreting the eligibility requirements under the ACA, in order to extend health coverage to uninsured immigrants? Is it good that it plays an active role in this factual and legal framework?
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Medicaid; Health service; Repatriation; Undocumentated immigrants; Health providers; Affordable Care Act (ACA)
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