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Improving Performance in Industrial Internet of Things Using Multi-Radio Nodes and Multiple Gateways
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Arjona Angarita, Ricardo Javier
Tecnología; Tecnología / Ingeniería y operaciones afines
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IEEE 802.15.4e is emerging as a robust standard for industrial Internet of Things. This standard is particularly effective for low power, multi-hop networks, and typically supports applications with low throughput. However, with the advances in energy harvesting, the need for supporting better performing solutions is also gaining momentum.
This paper presents and analyses a modified link scheduling algorithm for IEEE 802.15.4e based solutions. Three approaches are considered. With the first approach, only the gateway node is equipped with multiple radios. With the second approach, non-gateway nodes are equipped with multiple radios as well. With the third approach, multiple single radio gateways are considered.
Results from simulations have been presented to demonstrate the improvement in performance compared to the typical single radio, single gateway deployments.
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Internet of things; Industrial IoT; MAC protocol; Scheduling Algorithm; Multi-Radio Sensor Node
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