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Developing prisoners leaders in educational programmes: a framework for leadership development for colombian prisoners = Formando prisioneros lideres a través de programas educativos: un esquema para el desarrollo de liderazgo en prisioneros colombianos
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Ramírez Cetina, Miguel Antonio
Ciencias sociales; Ciencias sociales / Educación
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Educación prisionera; Leadership and rehabilitation; Liderazgo y rehabilitación; Prisioneros; Prisioners; Prison educacion
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The rapid rise in prison population worldwide has made that England, Wales, Colombia and the rest of the nations invest a great portion of their public expenditure to either maintain populous prisons or build new ones. Being leadership an important factor to comprehend not only the prison phenomena but the positive developments brought about by education in corrections, this qualitative case study research examines to what extent the educational programmes run in a British Prison influence convicts to undertake leadership roles in the correction and society, therefore, resume their lives and avoid reoffending. Hence it was conducted semi-structure interviews to four teachers and four prisoners who integrated the educational courses in a British prison category C.
Although the findings of this study established that the educational practices had positive effects on prisoners by acquiring social, academic, cultural, employable and communicative skills, there was strong evidence that depicted the necessity of embracing practical and higher education courses in the prison so as to enhance the convicts’ outcomes. Similarly, the study found mentoring together with other leading styles and practices carried out by prisoners and teachers as positive interventions to encourage the development of rehabilitation. Overall, those results led this research study to determine some practices that could be utilised in Colombian prisons as well as the creation of a framework - ‘framework for leadership development in prison’- to inspire leadership development when being involved in the educational programmes.
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