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Automatic or semi-automatic segmentation of tree crowns in tropical forest from high resolution images and laser scans
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Huertas, Claudia Milena
Tecnología; Tecnología / Ingeniería y operaciones afines
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Coronas de árboles; Detección remota; Dosel del bosque tropical; Geomatics; Geomática; High resolution images; Imágenes de alta resolución; LiDAR; Pléiades; Remote sensing; Segmentación; Segmentation; Tree crowns; Tropical forest canopy
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This research is part of the project entitled ""CANOPOR"". Overall, this project aims to carry out studies of forest canopy dynamics through Airborne LiDAR scanning. From this perspective, this study focus on developing a methodology for segmentation automatic or semi-automatic tree crowns in tropical rain forest. The study area corresponds to Paracou experimental in French Guiana.
On this scenario, a combination of combination of high resolution optical images and LiDAR scanners is used. The present document provides full details about the pre-treatment process, images treatment, results and comparisons with different segmentation approaches. The validation method is also discussed. Results revealed that the use of LiDAR and variables such as elevation and intensity are a valuable source of information for understanding the structure of complex ecosystems in tropical forests. 
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