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Race and racisms in selected history and social studies textbooks in Colombia and South Africa = Raza y racismos en libros- texto de historia y ciencias sociales en Colombia y Sur Africa
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Rodríguez Gómez, Diana María
Ciencias sociales; Ciencias sociales / Educación; Ciencias sociales / Problemas y servicios sociales - asociaciones
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Colombia; Sudáfrica
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Discourse; Raza; Discurso; Historia; History and social studies textbooks; Libros de texto; Race; Racism; Representación; Representation
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This paper analyses how contemporary Colombian social studies and South African history textbooks represent notions of race and racism to combat the historical legacies of these countries. It uses Critical Discourse Analysis to argue that, while there has been significant progress made in overcoming racism in the new textbooks in the two countries, there are still many challenges.
In particular the paper notes that notwithstanding the more equal and balanced representation of traditionally excluded subjects, new forms of exclusion still permeate new social studies and history textbooks in Colombia and South Africa. In reviewing the textbooks produced in the two countries, the paper provides markers for researchers and policy makers seeking to transform deep-seated inequities in society. 
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