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D. Nicolai de Cusa ... Opera, in quibus theologiae mysteria plurima ... reuelantur... Item in philosophia praesertim in ...

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Nicolaus de Cusa
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Nicholas of Cusa (1401 – 11 August 1464), also referred to as Nicholas of Kues and Nicolaus Cusanus, was a German philosopher, theologian, jurist, and astronomer. One of the first German proponents of Renaissance humanism, he made spiritual and political contributions in European history. A notable example of this is his mystical or spiritual writings on \"learned ignorance,\" as well as his participation in power struggles between Rome and the German states of the Holy Roman Empire. Papal legate to Germany from 1446, he was appointed cardinal for his merits by Pope Nicholas V in 1448 and Prince–Bishop of Brixen two years later. In 1459 he became vicar general in the Papal States. Nicholas of Cusa has remained an influential figure. During the period 2000-2001, his sixth centennial of his birth was celebrated on four continents and commemorated by publications on his life and work.

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