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Success factors for venture funding = Factores de éxito para la financiación de nuevas empresas
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Flórez Mora, Angélica María
Tecnología; Tecnología / Gerencia y servicios auxiliares
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Within a competitive environment, where entrepreneurs need to obtain funds, there is a need to understand the factors that could make the difference. Entrepreneurs in the technology sector In the South West of the UK and in Colombia were analyzed.  The first criteria must be to have access to sources of funds and approach the one that better fits the ventures characteristics. The study shows that equity and grants are the most suitable sources for ventures in the early stages.
The multi-method quantitative approach selected included giving surveys to tech-entrepreneurs, 29 in the UK and 35 in Colombia; 2 structured interviews with investors and 16 structured observations of investment panels. The main characteristics identified could be grouped into three categories: the entrepreneur, the product and the market.
Those should be supported by an appropriate network, business plan and advisers. However, with all the investment proposals revised by investors, the proposals finally selected are the ones that have a good balance among all the elements. And the experience of the investor, his knowledge and the negotiation with the entrepreneur are what define the value of the venture. Finally, it was shown that there is a need for advisers in Colombia to prepare current entrepreneurs and make them aware of the critical factors. Given the results, it could be said that the vast knowledge and results of previous studies could be applied to advise entrepreneurs in Colombia.
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Ángeles inversionistas; Business angels; Financiación de emprendedores; Capital budgeting; Capital de riesgo; Entrepreneurial finance; Estructura de capital; Etapas de nuevas empresas; Evaluación de riesgo; Risk assessment; Start-up valuation; Valoración de nuevas empresas; Venture capital; Venture stages
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