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Disappropriations = Desapropiaciones
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Digitalización realizada por la Biblioteca Virtual del Banco de la República (Colombia)
Palomar Masmela, Jonathan Ricardo
Las Artes; Las Artes / Fotografía y fotografías
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Archival film; Cine expandido; Cine experimental; Dematerialización; Dematerialization; Dialectical materialism; Expanded cinema; Experimental cinema; Found footage; Hayper-reality; Hipermontaje; Hiperrealidad; Hyper-montage; Internet; Jean Baudrillard; Materialismo dialéctico; Montage; Montaje; Películas de archivo
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DISAPPROPRIATIONS is a conceptual and practical reflection on online digital archives in particular, and on found footage filmmaking in general. It entails a series of 11 video artifacts exhibited online and “on-site” through QR-code stickers spread throughout the city of Montreal.  My main objective has been to investigate and instigate a dialectical montage as defined by Eisenstein, in the hyper-reality of the social, as defined by Jean Baudrillard.
Secondly, I explore and promote a radically experimental use of editing (as digital assemblage and manipulation of moving images) with regards to digital based media. Although inscribed into the tradition of found footage film, DISAPPROPRIATIONS is a search for an archival practice that embraces cyberspace as a source of content and also as an aesthetical domain. Last but not least, this project is fundamentally the result of an intense reflection upon my past, present, and future film practice and the creative embodiment of three years’ research done within the MFA programme. 
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