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Are the New Physics Contributions from the Left-Right Symmetric Model Important for the Indirect CP Violation in the Neutral B Mesons?
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Foundations of Physics Letters; Vol. 18, No. 7, 2005
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Rodríguez García, Yeinzon; Quimbay, Carlos
Ciencias naturales y matemáticas; Ciencias naturales y matemáticas / Física
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Neutral B mesons; Left-right models; Indirect CP violation
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Several works analyzing the new physics contributions from the LeftRight Symmetric Model to the CP violation phenomena in the neutral B mesons can be found in the literature. These works exhibit interesting and experimentally sensible deviations from the Standard Model predictions but at the expense of considering a low right scale ?R around 1 TeV.
However, when we stick to the more conservative estimates for ?R which say that it must be at least 107 GeV, no experimentally sensible deviations from the Standard Model appear for indirect CP violation. This estimate for ?R arises when the generation of neutrino masses is considered. In spite of the fact that this scenario is much less interesting and says nothing new about both the CP violation phenomenon and the structure of the LeftRight Symmetric Model, this possibility must be taken into account for the sake of completeness and when considering the see-saw mechanism that provides masses to the neutrino sector.
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