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Forgotten Ghosts. On how a collective reparation for the Unión Patriótica in Colombia could be conceptualised and have an impact on the peace process
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Fernández Maya, Tatiana
Ciencias sociales; Ciencias sociales / Problemas y servicios sociales - asociaciones
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Collective reparations; Genocidio político; Patriotic Union; Peace process; Political genocide; Proceso de paz; Reparaciones colectivas; Unión Patriótica
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The current political context in Colombia with an ongoing peace process requires to implement measures to rectify past political repression and to create adequate conditions for exercising political opposition. The physical elimination and social stigmatization of a political opposition group, as it happened with the Unión Patriótica, are weak foundations for a post-conflict situation. I will suggest that a collective reparation for UP victims which recognises not just the damage produced individually, but the harm suffered as a collective, could serve to foster trust between the parties on the negotiations table. I claim that a reparation strategy centered in the concept of dignity would respond more efficiently to the harm caused to this collective. I state that, contrary to the common practice, it is possible to conceptualise a collective reparation for groups with no ethnic, cultural or religious bonds.
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