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Negotiations of identity in minority language media: From silence to the word = Negociaciones de identidad en medios de comunicación de idiomas minoritarios
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Digitalización realizada por la Biblioteca Virtual del Banco de la República (Colombia)
Uribe-Jongbloed, Enrique
Ciencias sociales; Ciencias sociales / Comercio, comunicaciones, transporte
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Creole; Cymraeg; Galés; Identidad; Identity; Idiomas minoritarios; Linguistic minority; Minoría lingüística; Minority language media; Nasa Yuwe; Radio; Raizal; Wayuunaiki; Welsh
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The present research explores the growing field of studies of Minority Language Media by focusing on two case studies, Wales and Colombia. The research seeks to answer the question of how the complex, hybrid identity of media producers negotiate their various identity allegiances in the preparation and broadcast of output for Minority Language Media. The research process takes an interpretative and qualitative stance to interviews with producers and participant observation of the production process, to determine the impact of the different negotiations of identity upon linguistic output.
This analysis allows for a comparative discussion which provides new elements for the study of Minority Language Media from manifold perspectives: it evidences the impact of certain identifications on the linguistic output of media, it shows the various stances that may be adopted in regards to the purpose and interest of Minority Language Media, and it provides a set of examples which enable a discussion about the development of the field of studies beyond the European remit from whence it stems. Finally, this research seeks to lay the foundation for new aspects of interest in the developing field. 
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